Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Unknown said...

I am a waitress for a well known restaurant that is open 24hours.Ive been working there 5years I work graveyard shift. I was hired for this shift.Everyone except myself are Hispanic my manager is documented but married to undocumented Hispanic who does all the hiring and herself works as a server and acts as manager (she won't work as server if corporation is doing inspection) cause I believe she's not suppose to make tips? Anyway she has hired other undocumented workers some family members or friends of family.anyway in my 5years working there I have had numerous right ups for things other employees doing same thing are never written up for.i complained when suppose to be on my 30min break no one there to break me told me to clock out but to take my break like Mexicans take there break (meaning to keep on waiting on customers during myso called break .Well I told them after about a year of doing this I told them I learned this is against the labor laws now inclock on to start my shift and I am told right then to clock out and take my break.(not sure if this is legal)well over the years other problems have come up I felt because I'm the only white person working there I was targeted and treated way r ifferent all employees talk Spanish when I have completed how wrong that is when I feel very much ailenated from what's being said feel very uncomfortable and have been told by customers there were in fact talking negatively about me right in front of me.I could gonon about several other things that I feel have been discriminated. But more recently my manager asked to speak to me and he was screaming at me saying no one wants to work with me and never giving me a chance to question his accusation then says in a very threatening voice and a look to kill accused me of giving him trouble with ICE. I hadn't even mentioned to filing a claim telling about all there hiring of undocumented workers I had in the past when I felt I was totalling being bullied and couldn't get any hours and I am legal and the undocumented workers had 5 and 6dsys but I was told by a worker that they had a message for me if I continued on with my claim I would end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my I stopped it's been 2years now that Trump is president I've been targeted again and now my manager has totally scared me with his yelling and acting crazy I told him that this whole situation of him doing this was stupid and he fired me.the owner said I wasn't fired but I wasn't able to return to work for two days and I was told I needed to be more respectful and to get along do I have any as often of case